New Single “Luck Feels Good” October 28 2017

Andrew Samuel released his first single from the “Enmore Road” EP. Below is some of the media received so far:

Andrew Samuel Au Review (Premiere)

Au Review (Best New Music)

Sounds of OZ (Review)

The Lowdown Under

Wild N Free (Video Clip Premiere)

The Violet Wave

New EP “Hissing Bitterness” August 27

Andrew Samuel released his second EP, Hissing Bitterness, on August 27, 2016.

Hissing Bitterness Single Press Release (Sep 22)

Hissing Bitterness Press Release 

Hissing Bitterness Press Release (With Images)

First single press ‘Sitting Here with Nothing Owing’:

Ripe Music 

Wolf in a Suit Review

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‘Hissing Bitterness’ EP press:

Ripe Music 

The Music

Tone Deaf

Happy EP Review

The Craft

Australian Music Scene


Abduction Radiation



Best Songs of 2016 (Ripe)


Spreading the Seed 

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