Hissing Bitterness

I’m nothing like I’ve been showing
Further from it, closer to it
Distracted by the way you see me

To no alternative I run
The waves of thought, peddling
Treasuring my attention

Let me cry into these lonely hands
That touched each verse of skin the same
And desperate as I am,

That held your throat and bent your neck
And was so romantic
And so pathetic

Resting on your conscience is an image your are forgetting
The sound my laughter caught in your throat
And the hissing bitterness

It’s to god I prey when you break my heart
Call out my faith it’s full of holes
Full of cloaks and tricks
Full of bargains

But it’s where I rest,
When I’m tired of excess.

Faceless behaviours
Moving through my body
For immediate satisfaction
Wanting complements,
But not to hear them

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