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‘Australia’s answer to Destroyer.’ Ripe Music Blog.

Since the release of his debut single ‘Mediocre’ early in 2016, Andrew Samuel has been making a name for himself as a formidable songwriter. His music puts poetry at the front and centre. Ripe music blog called him ‘Australia’s answer to Destroyer’. Songs to walk around with. Best enjoyed alone. Andrew Samuel is a singer-songwriter based in Newtown, Sydney.

  • Stories of tiredness, loneliness and sadness begin to cathartically mend the soul and lift the spirit.

    Happy - Music Blog

  • Beautifully restrained.

    Tone Deaf - Music Blog

  • Australia’s answer to Destroyer

    Ripe - Music Blog

  • Reminding us that great artist’s like Jeff Buckley, The National and Nick Drake, are still in the air.

    The Craft - Music Blog


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